300w Solar System with Victron MPPT (2x 150w)


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300w Solar System with Victron MPPT

The 300w panel system is the largest in our van range of solar systems.  They are perfect for larger Panel Van conversions which use compressor fridges.  The reduced length in the panel allows them to installed across the vehicle in between roof lights.

It will happily keep up with light, pump and TV up to 4- 5 hours per night, along with the 12V compressor fridge.
It will also allow you to stay stationary for as long as you want during the better 7 months of the year and over a week during the Autumn / Winter.
If you want to add and inverter in to the system this panel will allow you to do so.

The twin system uses the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 solar controller.  This unit will help to increase charging in lower light, and with the handy BLUETOOTH app you can see all charging information on your phone or tablet.


The standard system will only charge the leisure batteries, however, you can add the CBE Distribution Unit or Battery Master to this to transfer power in to the engine battery.  Cost ranges between £89-£129 fitted.

 Single Panel Size (LxWxD): 1240x670x35mm        Weight: 12.5kg