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iBoost Connect – Fitted WiFi Booster iBoost Connect – Fitted WiFi Booster - £349.00

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iBoost Connect – Fitted iBoost System

The new fitted iBoost System incorporates our best selling iBoost Directional System into a convenient, easy to use fully fitted solution. The antenna can be raised, lowered and directed from within the van – meaning no cables need to be on show or routed through windows.

iboostconnectThe ability to extend the antenna 50 cm above the roofline of your van may pay dividends when clearing an obstruction between you and the source of the signal. When fully lowered the antenna sits at just 24cm high – the same height as a retracted automatic satellite system and less than a similar satellite dome.

The powerful directional antenna outperforms an equivalent omni in almost every situation, once connected the iBoost allows you to boost and share a remote WiFi connection wirelessly within your van. An Ethernet socket is also available to connect a hardwired device if required. The iBoost antenna has a 90 degree field of view so fine tuning is a breeze, only minor adjustment of the antenna may be required.

iBoostConnectStickerThe iBoost system is easy to setup and is fast to respond to user actions. Once connected, the web interface displays a real time signal strength read out with optional audible beeps (from a compatible connected device) allowing you to easily adjust the antenna from inside the vehicle. The forward facing aspect is clearly marked.

The iBoost Connect serves to both boost the externally available WiFi signal and repeat that signal at full strength inside your van, creating your own secure network with your own unique security code. This means that the system is compatible with any device which is WiFi enabled – connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone and even kindle – all at the same time! No drivers to install on your devices and no wires between you and the system.

We have had many customers with Satellite systems re-purpose their antenna lowered (Large)redundant terrestrial TV antennas and so with that in mind we have also produced a short production run of iBoost systems to fit an existing ‘Status’ Directional TV antenna mounting. Simply lift out your TV antenna and drop in the iBoost for an almost instant installation. For this option, please select “iBoost Connect Retro-Fit” from the available options at the top of this page.

  • Height (When Fully Lowered): 24cm
  • Height (When Fully Extended): 50cm
  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Hole Diameter: 38mm (Full Kit)
  • Internal WiFi Router (LxWxH): 68 x 68 x 19mm
  • Power: 12v DC
  • Supplied with: Cigar Power Supply, Direct Connection , In-line switch
  • 1x Ethernet Socket, WiFi (WPA2 secured) for upto 99 devices
  • Total Weight (including router): 1.2kg
Contents – iBoost Connectunnamed123 (Large)
  • Fitted iBoost Antenna
  • iBoost Micro Router
  • Roof Mounting Bracket
  • Hard Wired (bare ends) & Cigar Power Supply
  • Optional in-line Switch
  • 3M Adhesive Pad to secure Router/Switch 
  • Wardrobe / Cuboard Information Sticker
Contents – iBoost Connect Retro Fit

You must already have an unused ‘Status’ type directional antenna installed as no roof fixing is included with this kit. Length of pole from base of antenna is 30cm as per the 330 model but will also fit other models in the range. This is a direct replacement – simply pull out your unused TV antenna and drop in the iBoost Connect. 

  • Fitted iBoost Antenna
  • iBoost Micro Router
  • Hard Wired (bare ends) & Cigar Power Supply
  • Optional in-line Switch
  • 3M Adhesive Pad to secure Router/Switch
  • Wardrobe / Cuboard Information Sticker