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VB Coilsprings - Ducato, Boxer & Relay 06> X250/X290 Front VB Coilsprings - Ducato, Boxer & Relay 06> X250/X290 Front - £785.00

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Reinforced coil or leaf springs

Mounting reinforced coil springs is a non-adjustable solution for front suspension problems. Reinforced springs will usually ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride height ( if not higher), thus increasing the suspension travel and improving stability. This adjustment will however make the suspension more rigid ( harder) and therefore reduces the ride comfort. This solution is often used for vehicles that are constantly heavily laden.

X250 - X290 chassis
Fiat Ducato - 2006> onwards
Peugeot Boxer - 2006> onwards
Citroen Relay - 2006> onwards 

  VB-CoilSpring Comfort           VB-CoilSpring Light              VB-CoilSpring Heavy
+/- 30‑mm at 1700‑kg            +/- 45‑mm at 1700‑kg             +/- 60‑mm at 1700‑kg
+/- 20‑mm at 2100 kg            +/- 35‑mm at 2100 kg             +/- 50‑mm at 2100 kg

Original ride height Basic vehicle

- Measured on a standard vehicle, not taking into account the rear overhang.

- Values may vary.

* further costs may be incurred if the removal of the old struts takes longer to due age of vehicle and or broken parts.