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VB Semi-Air Suspension Kit (Fiat, Peug & Cit) Basic Kit VB Semi-Air Suspension Kit (Fiat, Peug & Cit) Basic Kit - £438.95

Fully fitted from: - Please Call For Details

Fitting Charge £235.00 (basic kit)

Comfort Kit £789.95 plus £325 fitting


VB Semi-Air Suspension System

EN VBSA-X250-01B VBSA-X250-01C Auxiliary suspension systems, like the VB-Semi Air, offer the possibility to control any suspension problems oneself (within the limits of the suspension travel). An air-spring (bellow) is fitted between the chassis and rear axle, on each side of the vehicle. This air-spring supports the existing leaf spring.

The basic-kit is the start of changing and improving the suspension of your vehicle and consists of the air-springs, air tubes, two inflation valves and all necessary fixing materials.

The VB-Semi Air is supplied as a dual chamber system, meaning the two air-springs are not connected to each other. Making use of a dual chamber system allows left and right to be separated, which allows the vehicle to be leveled when it is loaded unevenly. The basic-kit can also be upgraded into a comfort-kit.

The comfort-kit contains all of the above, plus a control panel with two pressure gauges, comfort switches, fitting material and compressor-kit. For details, see VBSA-X250-01B (seat fitting) and the VBSA-X250-01C (dash fitting). The compressor included in these comfort kits should be fitted under the driver’s seat.

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• Dual chamber (air-circuit) system as standard.

• All connection- and fastener-materials included.

• Original leaf spring is retained.

• ‘Plug-and-play’ system results in quick and easy installation.

• Improves ride comfort and provides easy levelling of the vehicle when it is laden heavily or unevenly.

• Recommended for motorhomes, service vehicles and

• vehicles with heavy, or off-centre, loads.

• Also available as a comfort-kit with either a dashboard mounted (VBSA-X250-01C) or driver’s seat-mounted control panel (VBSA-X250-01B).

The basic-kit consists of (1550307100)

• 2 x Air-springs 8” 

• All necessary brackets, connection- and fastener- materials. 

• Air tubes 

• 2 x Inflation valves 

• User manual 

• Installation instructions

The Comfort Kit is the same as above but with the addition of dash or seat panel and compressor.

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