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60w Standard Kit 60w Standard Kit - £199.00

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Fitted Price 349

Solar Solutions 60 Watt rigid frame solar panel

The 60w panel is our starting point for any solar system.
If you are looking to be self sufficient during the summer then this will suit the job. It will keep up with light, water pump and up to 1 hour of TV.

If you are looking to increase your existing system this is perfect for that little bit extra.

A standard system includes a regulator (your vehicle may already have this so please check before you buy) and you can also add the FOX D1 display to the standard system if you want to see what your charging at. The standard system will only charge the leisure batteries, however, you can add the CBE Distribution Unit or Battery Master to this to transfer power in to the engine battery.

Panel Size (LxWxD): 830x670x35mm     Weight: 7.5kg