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M-Tow Adjustable Towbar (MT01F) M-Tow Adjustable Towbar (MT01F) - £799.00

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AL-KO Chassis Towbar

M-Tow’s premium product, the MT01F, is not just made from quality metals but has been designed with fitment in mnd.

Such engineering allows the product to be more afforadable than many of its competitors.  Suitable for AL-KO chassis.


  • Fits AL-KO Chassis/Chassis Extensions
  • Type Approved 55R-01/06*00000*00
  • Fixed Flange
  • 120kg Vertical Load
  • Maximum towing capacity: 13.1kN
  • Doesn’t obscure number plates
  • Weight between 30-37kg (dependent on drop plate requirement)