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Teleco Internet Satellite Teleco Internet Satellite
From: £2999


Std Installation to One TV £250.00


Automatic satellite antenna with Internet and TV wall panel

With the new SAT INTERNET, TELECO is offering you the possibility to use, even on your motor-home, all services offered on the bidirectional large band of Astra 2 Connect via ASTRA 23,5° East satellite.

This means that you can not only surf the net, receive and send e-mails, but also use a telephone line, with mobile phone.

To enable the net and phone service you only need to install a Internet Sat composed of:

  • 85 cm parabolic dish with 2 LNBs
  • iLNB (dedicated to Internet and phone lines)
  • LNB (dedicated to TV)
  • IP Modem
  • Internet
  • The Interactive LNB (iLNB) is used for receiving and transmitting phone and internet signals, whereas the second LNB (not interactive) receives TV programs transmitted from the following satellite positions: Hot Bird, Astra 19, Eutelsat 5W, Astra 4, Astra 28, Thor.
    The IP modem connects your PC to Internet Sat System.


Footprint Astra 23,5°E

It enables Internet navigation while simultaneously watching TV programs

INTERNET SAT offers you the big advantage of surfing the net and, at the same time, to watch TV programs transmitted by either ASTRA 19°East or ASTRA 28°East only.

If you wish to watch TV programs transmitted by another satellite, just select the satellite required (eg. Hot Bird) on the wall control panel and in a few moments the Magic Sat will move the antenna.


  1. 1) In order to use Internet and Telephone services a contract is necessary with an Astra2 Connect service access supplier.
  2. Astra2 Connect services are guaranteed inside Astra23,5° Footprint.


    INTERNET SAT 85 Twin
    INTERNET SAT: Size91 x 85 cm