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RoadPro Satellite Dome RoadPro Satellite Dome
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Installation to 2nd TV from 99 (please call)

RoadPro Automatic Satellite Dome

With all the advantages of a dome satellite TV system, this model is designed for use when the vehicle its on is parked. Its larger dish gives maximum coverage across Europe.

As with all Roadpro dome systems, its incredibly easy to operate; most users will only ever have to switch the control box on - that's it! When the sat-dome has found the satellite (usually within 30 seconds) the controller can be switched off so that they system uses virtually no power when in operation.

This model will pick up BBC, ITV and all UK channels as far south as Barcelona. Further south - as far as southern Spain and even Morocco - a variety of channels will always be available including BBC News, Sky News and most BBC radio stations. Six satellites are programmed into the controller so that - with a suitable receiver - hundreds of TV & radio channels are available all over Europe.

We recommend professional installation of any satellite TV system but with just one cable to connect to the controller and a simple 12V electrical connection, RoadPro sat-domes are easier to install than any other automatic satellite TV system.

Warranty: When fitted by an approved RoadPro installer, all models have a five-year warranty which covers parts and labour against faults in manufacture or design. If the unit is not installed by an approved RoadPro installer, a three-year warranty applies. (This applies to units used for leisure purposes. If used for commercial applications, the warranty is for two years.)


Operating voltage:12V
Dish type:Off-set dish inside a protective plastic cover
Dish size:46cm W x 35cm H
L.N.B. type:Universal (suitable for digital and analogue transmissions)
Mounting method:Fixes to roof with Sikaflex and / or screws. Can also be mounted using mounting feet D3105
Dish colour:White but can be painted any colour
Search method:Can only be used when vehicle is stationary.
Search controller dimensions:245mm W x 42mm H x 146mm D
Typical search time after first use:Less than one minute
Satellite search options: (available satellites will vary according to geographical location)Astra 2 (N & S) / Eurobird 1, Astra 1, Hotbird, Sirius, Atlantic Bird 3, Hispasat
Receiver options:Can be used with any satellite receiver including Freesat, Free to Air & SKY receivers.
Remote control:No
Weight of dish & motor:Approx 9.5 Kgs
Current consumption during search:Approx. 1.5 Amps
Current consumption when in use and search completed:<0.1 Amp
Other features:N/A
Dish height when down: 40 cms
Space required for operation of dish:76cms inc. mounting feet
Warranty:3 years (Extended to 5 years if installed by a RoadPro Approved Installer) contact us for details
Receiver includedNo