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Oyster Vision Satellite Dish Oyster Vision Satellite Dish
From: £1839


Std Installation to One TV £250.00

Oyster vision satellite dish


  Oyster® – First-class convenience

The 65 cm or 85 cm antenna dish of the Oyster® system provides TV and radio programmes throughout Europe, in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Wide reception range and brilliant image definition combined with fully digital satellite aiming ensure the reception of your favourite programmes in remote locations such as the Canary Islands or Greece*

*(depending on satellite selection)

Also, the system is very tolerant against adverse reception conditions in poor weather. This is due to the large size of the antenna dishes, which significantly influences number and reception quality of programmes.


Oyster® Vision

Satellite system without receiver
… receiver independent version for customers using their own receiver (eg. Sky box) or using a TV with integrated satellite receiver.

Dish dimensions: Ø 65 or 85 cm
Height: ~ 22 cm
Weight: ~ 14 kg

3 years warranty and reliable service



(Available for Oyster® Vision, Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium)
For optimal reception at the limits of the reception ranges in South-Western and South-Eastern regions, the LNB may have to be rotated in order to compensate the polarisation deviation - or SKEW angle - caused by the earth`s curvature.

With the SKEW equipment you enjoy a comfortable range optimizationwith fully automatic adjustment (LNB adjustment). The Oyster® system automatically recognizes inwhich direction the LNB must rotate and adjusts independently by using a special motor.



(Available for Oyster® Vision, Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium / not for Oyster® Internet)
This option provides 2 connections for the convenient operation of a second receiver, e.g. in the bedroom or alternatively you can use a Sky+ receiver and watch and record at the same time. The TWIN-LNB allows two different programmes to be viewed using the Oyster® at the same time if using a receiver for each TV set.



(Available for Oyster® Vision,Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium / not for Oyster® Internet)
The combination of TWIN LNB and Auto-SKEW offers maximum convenience and combines the full advantages of both systems.