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SunWare Fox Digital Display SunWare Fox Digital Display - £79.99

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SunWare Fox D1 LCD Digital Display

The FOX-D1 is a universal digital indicator that monitors battery voltage and charge/discharge current.

The indicator, with a minimal

consumption can continually remain in use. When the Fox-D1 front panel placed under the indicator is switched onto "voltage", the actual voltage is shown. Thereby, one can obtain information over the charging condition of the battery. When the FOX-D1 is switched onto "current", the actual current flow is shown. Current flow values can be indicated as either negative or positive.

A current flow indication without sign is considered positive and is flowing into the battery. When a negative sign (-) is indicated, the current flow is flowing from the battery in the direction of the user-consumer.

The readings shown by the front panel only indicate the above mentioned values when the

module or user-consumer is correctly installed corresponding to our installation plans. When the cables labeled "IN" and "B" are switched in connection, the readings are also correspondingly switched.

Conversation Table voltage to capacity
smaller 10,5V:
- battery fully discharged, all user-/consumers must be turned off !
10,5V bis 11,5V:
- battery fully discharged user-consumption should be limited
11,5V bis 12,2V:
- normal operating condition at 12 V during energy usage
12,2V bis 12,5V:
- well-charged battery
12,5V bis 12,8V:
- battery fully charged
12,8V bis 14,2V:
- no energy being drawn from battery
more than 14,4V:
- condition reached only by over-charging