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HYUNDAI 3000SEi HYUNDAI 3000SEi - £899.99

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Hyundai HY3000SEi 2.8kW Inverter Generator

Features the Hyundai Economy Throttle system, which is an automatic regulator for the engine, controlling the rpm based on the load on the generator. Unlike most traditional generators, the ECO-throttle will only draw as much power as it needs, keeping the revs on the engine low and prolonging the lifespan of both the engine and the generator, as well as reducing the overall fuel consumption of the machine.

2 Year Leisure Warranty

The Hyundai HY3000SEi inverter generator is the best selling and most popular out of all the inverters in the leisure generator range. Providing up to 0.6kW more power than the HY2000SEi and the HY2000Si, it is the ultimate power supply for leisure purposes. It has a higher output, improved electronics, new bodywork, remote start capability and impressive performance for such a lightweight machine is the ultimate draw for those looking to get clean, reliable power when off grid on camping sites and pitches.

This portable petrol inverter generator still has all the same great features found in the rest of the Hyundai power equipment range; the entire leisure suitcase line-up boasts some new features that are never before seen on an inverter generator, such as the Economy throttle feature. The HY3000SEi has auto-choke and auto-decompression features, making it one of the easiest generators to start. Plus, one of the most attractive key features of the HY3000SEi is it's remote start function, letting the generator be remotely started from a radius of up tom 20m away purely by pressing a button on your key fob.

Rated for 230v mains, the AC output is a very respectable 2.6kW/kVA, and it's maximum output is 2.8kW/kVA. As with the HY3000Si, it features the same inverter technology that allows you to power any electronic equipment perfectly safely without damaging your sensitive personal items.

TypeDigital Inverter

Max. Output 2.8kW / 3.5kVA
Con. Output 2.6kW / 3.25kVA
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage / Current 230V / 12.2A
Sockets 2 x 230V / 13A
Power Factor 1 cosΦ

EngineHyundai HX149 149cc 5.2hp Motor, OHV/Forced-Air Cooling, Single Cylinder, 4 stroke Petrol Engine
Starting Method Key, Recoil and Remote Start
Engine Oil15w40 (0.7l)

FuelUnleaded Petrol (4.5l (Petrol))
Noise (50% Load) 92dBA (58dBA @ 7m)

Standard Features
  • Power Indicator Light
  • AC Overload Protector
  • AC Socket
  • DC Socket
  • DC Protector
  • Low Oil Light
  • Pure Sine Wave Output

  • Weight30kg