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Telair EcoEnegy 600MEF 25A LPG Generator Telair EcoEnegy 600MEF 25A LPG Generator - £3025.00

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Std Installation 500 (subject to survey)

The Teleir ECOEnergy Gas Generators provide an effective and quicky way of getting power when off hook up or to simply charge your battery bank. The Telair ECOEnergy TG480 MEF Generator can provide upto 20A/h of power at 12v at a moments notice either by user request or alternatively you can leave it on automatic and the system will start up and provide power automatically (minimum battery voltage threshold is 11.9v).

The Telair ECOEnergy Generators run from a gas supply that is regulated to 30mBar (+/-2mBar) and uses approx 0.27KG of Gas per hour.

Power is generated from a gas fueled two-stroke engine that also has a tank containing oil that is also consumed when running.

There are various mounting brackets and options available for this system.

Teleir ECOEnergy Generator Control Panel:

Telair ECOENERGY Generator Control Panel Information

  1. * High temperature and low oil level indicator light - Red warning light 
  2.    indicates either the oil level is too low or temperature is too high - in 
  3.    both cases the motor will shut down and will not start.  
  4. * Generator working light - to show the unit is working.
  5. *  Switch to control whether or not the system will start when there is low 
  6.     power automatically.
  7. *  Manual start button.

Telair ECOEnergy Generator Specification Table

Technical FeatureTG 480TG 480 MEFTG 600 MEF
Automatic Operation

Start 11.9V
Stop 14.5v

Start 11.9V
Stop 14.5v

Start 11.9V
Stop 14.5v
Working temperature Propane Gas

50C to -25C

50C to -25C

50C to -25C
Rated current20Ah20Ah25Ah
Gas Pressure30mBar (+/- 2mBar)30mBar (+/- 2mBar)30mBar (+/- 2mBar)
Approx Gas Consumption0.27KG/H0.27KG/H0.29KG/H
Starting Current15A
(0.15 sec)
(0.15 sec)
(0.15 sec)
Oil Consumption

1 Litre / 115 Hours

1 Litre / 115 Hours

1 Litre / 115 Hours

Noise Level (7m)51dBA51dBA52dBA
Dimensions (with out brackets)565x380x250 mm565x380x250 mm565x380x250 mm
Battery Bank Size160 to 300Ah160 to 300Ah160 to 300Ah
High Altitude operation-telair ecoenergy 12v gas powered generatortelair ecoenergy 12v gas powered generator
Connection Cable Length (for control panel)5m5m