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HYUNDAI HY2000SEi HYUNDAI HY2000SEi - £765.00

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Hyundai HY2000SEi 2.2kW Electric and Remote Start Inverter Generator

Features the Hyundai Economy Throttle system, which is an automatic regulator for the engine, controlling the rpm based on the load on the generator. Unlike most traditional generators, the ECO-throttle will only draw as much power as it needs, keeping the revs on the engine low and prolonging the lifespan of both the engine and the generator, as well as reducing the overall fuel consumption of the machine.

2 Year Leisure Warranty

The HY2000SEi is a new model to the Hyundai camping Inverter Generator lineup. Featuring the same great features and specifications as the HY2000SI generator plus some new features that will set this machine apart from the competition. This model still features the same robust outer plastic shell, it's suitcase design with integral carrying handle is compatible with the optional wheel kit which makes transporting this machine easy.

It's continuously rated to 2kw - or 2000w - electrical output is regulated using digital inverter technology. This output is a perfectly smooth sinewave, this means, that this generator can safely power even the most sensitive of electronic and computer based appliances without any danger of damaging the sensitive internal components or circuitry.

This generator isn't limited to just running small electrical appliances, it is ideal as a camping generator. This machine could be used to keep caravan or motorhome leisure batteries topped up whilst on a camping holiday.

As well as a manual recoil starting mechanism this machine also features automatic choke, electric start ignition and remote control start ignition. Want to see how it runs, check out the videos in the video tab above. This portable, lightweight generator is ideal for the user that requires the use of multiple small electrical items at once. This generator is perfect for camping and outdoor events. Known for its low noise level, clean power output, excellent fuel efficiency, and longer running times, the HY2000SEI is suitable for your every need.

TypeDigital Inverter

Max. Output 2.2kW / 2.75kVA
Con. Output 2kW / 2.5kVA
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage / Current 230V / 9.57A
Sockets 2 x 230V / 13A
Power Factor 1 cosΦ

EngineHyundai HX125 125cc 4.9hp Motor, 4-Stroke OHV
Starting Method Key, Recoil and Remote Start
Engine Oil15w40

FuelUnleaded Petrol (4.5l (Petrol))
Noise (50% Load) 92dBA (58dBA @ 7m)

Standard Features
  • Power Indicator Light
  • AC Overload Protector
  • AC Socket
  • DC Socket
  • DC Protector
  • Low Oil Light
  • Pure Sine Wave Output

  • Weight29kg