Modified & Pure Sinewave Inverters

The range of petrol generators from Hyundai is an expansive and all-encompassing series of powerful units, ranging from smaller outputs and models to large commercial open frame machines for more industrial work, or diesel generators for home, office or business backup. Our Hyundai inverter leisure generators are an extremely popular range of generator, quieter and armed with new technology, they are proving a huge hit with caravan and leisure users. Over the years, the Hyundai leisure range has proven to be one of the most popular options for those looking for instant and reliable power for situations where traditional generators would not be considered suitable.

Also in the petrol range, Hyundai manufacture a high quality range of open frame generators. More traditional in their apperance and output, these are rugged machines that come in a variety of sizes and outputs, so matching a specific generator for an individual job or purpose is a very easy process, with plenty of products to choose from in order to get the right machine for your needs. Open frame generators and gensets are ideal for applications such as building and construction work, as well as for catering vans and daily-use equipment. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for working in harsh environments or taking a lot of use day-in-day-out.