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E&P COMPACT Caravan Levelling System E&P COMPACT Caravan Levelling System - £1995.00

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Options: Wireless Remote £195

* Please note:  in some cases additional costs can be incurred if Manufacturer fitted parts need to adapted or moved. This can only be established with an initial survey or whilst the work is being undertaken.

EP Compact Hydraulic Caravan Levelling

  • Automatic hydraulic caravan leveller (Side to Side only)
  • Sturdy and vibration-free position
  • Additional theft protection
  • Kind to chassis frames
  • Compatible with motor movers
  • Improved waste water drainage from sink & shower

The Compact semi-automatic caravan leveller system is perfect for those caravaners who still want the stability, security and assistance with the tricky side-to-side caravan levelling, but at a more affordable cost.


The Compact system uses just 2 hydraulic caravan jacks, both of which can either be automatically or manually deployed using the remote control or control panel. This gives you full control of the stabilising process. The existing corner steadies can then be wound down as normal and you can use jockey wheel to aid with the front to back levelling.

The inbuilt spirit level indicator means you no longer need to carry a real spirit level with you!


  • The hydraulic caravan jacks can lift caravans/special trailers with a total weight of up to 3.5t
  • Only around 20kg net weight for the whole system
  • 240 watt hydraulic motor
  • 12 Volt operating voltage
  • The hydraulic caravan rams are powered by the leisure battery


  • Deploy the hydraulic caravan jacks by pressing the ‘auto level’ button 
  • Manually adjust the existing corner steadies as normal to aid with the front to back caravan levelling 
  • When you are ready to leave, simply press the ‘retract all’ button to withdraw the hydraulic jacks.