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Shield 110Ah Battery Shield 110Ah Battery - £127.00

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2 Year Warranty

Sealed Lead Acid Leisure Battery


Photo of 110 AH (sealed)Battery layout for 110 AH (sealed)Terminal layout for 110 AH (sealed)


Nominal Capacity110 AH (20 hour rate)
Nominal Voltage12 volt
Total Height240mm
Cold Start Amps SAE680

Always store battery in fully charged condition. If battery is to be stored for a long period, apply a recovery top charge every 6 months.

Store batteries in a dry and cool location.

The Shield leisure range is designed to supply a much lower current over a longer period of time to enable lighting, water pumps and even televisions to operate. The battery has the ability to constantly discharge and recharge to a greater degree, compared to the starter battery during its normal life.

Dual purpose, sealed maintenance free battery


  • Advanced semi-traction technology
  • Convenient carrying handles.
  • Featuring a magic eye, enabling easy battery condition check.
  • Manufactured with robust polypropylene case.
  • Standard post & threaded stud terminals.
  • Vibration resistant