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GAS IT ALUGAS 11kg Refilable Gas Bottle GAS IT ALUGAS 11kg Refilable Gas Bottle - £259.00

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This super light weight 2016 specification GAS IT Alugas 11kg Refillable gas bottle is not only light weight but is techincally fitted with with a float level content guage, which can be fitted with our separatly purchased Alugas sender unit, and it come comes with the standard refillable elbow with LPG fitting identical to our other GAS IT bottles, Gaslow and so forth.

These Refillable gas bottles can be partnered up with the our Standard GAS IT steel bottles, Alugas or Gaslow types,  so you are sure of absolute compatibility should you decide to have more than one bottle fitted. This bottle also works with the Gaslow, Caratank and GAS IT fill points, hoses, fitting and so forth.

The gas outlet on the manual tap of this GAS IT Bottle is the UK specification 109 nut (21.8 LH) thread which is known as the butane nut & fitting. If you have a large blue gas bottle currently you will be fine but if you have a red bottle Propane pigtail ( UK POL) fitted to your existing gas install, then you can either buy a separate new 21.8 LH pigtail or a pol to 21.8LH adaptor - both are available from ourselves at an small extra cost.

The specification of these 11kg GAS IT ALUGAS 11kg Refillable Bottle is as follows :-


Fills to approximately 21.7 litres (at 80% full) - 27.2 ltrs full water capacity

Height: 600mm height x 300mm diameter. 

Empty Cylinder Weight: 6.5 Kg approximate

Material: Aluminium