Motorhome Levelling Systems

Our motorhome levelling systems allow your vehicle to be automatically lowered with a simple push of the button.
This means there is no manual exertion or checking with a spirit level. More importantly, there is zero risk of the chassis and bodywork being twisted as there will always be at least 2 hydraulic levelling jacks being deployed at the same time.

There is an inbuilt safety feature which means it will only work if the hand brake has been engaged.
When you are ready to drive off again, one push on the button is enough to retract all of the hydraulic motorhome jacks in less than a minute.
If you forget to retract the levelling jacks and release the hand brake, an alarm is sounded and the jacks are retracted immediately.

If required, the hydraulic levelling system can also be put into manual mode enabling you to lower the hydraulic jacks manually.
The benefits of which include being able to lift one side of the motorhome when changing a tyre and also lifting all four tyres off the ground during winter storage.

For more information regarding our levelling systems please call us on 01258 268010