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Telair 7400H Airconditioning System Telair 7400H Airconditioning System - £1699.00

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Standard Installation Exisiting Roof Vent 299

Air-Conditioning with Heat Pump

Monoblock conditioners SILENT 7400H specially designed to be installed on the roofs of medium- to large-sized motorhomes and caravans. Special care has been taken to ensure LOW NOISE both inside and outside.

  • High-Efficiency Heat Pump heating supplies 2.3 kW heating power (8000 BTU) with only 0.98 kW consumption.
    The heat pump is effective for outside temperatures down to -2C; below this temperature, its efficiency is considerably reduced.
  • By actuating the AUTO function, the air conditioner selects the most suitable ventilation speed and the cooling or heating function automatically.
  • All functions can be performed via the remote control.
  • Anti-ice protection PROBES
  • INTERNAL FILTERS can be changed and washed.
  • Suitable for roofs having thickness from 30 to 70 mm


Size guide for Silent 7300h Roof Mounted Air Conditioner Unit

Telair Air Conditioning for Caravans and Motorhomes 6-7 metres in length

  • Suitable for Caravans or Motorhomes between 6-7.3 Metres in Length
  • 3 Fan Speeds + Automatic
  • Cooling Capacity 7200Btu (2100W)
  • Heating Capacity 8000Btu (2300W)
  • 4.1 Amp consumption on Cooling mode, 4.5 amp on heating mode
  • Removeable Filters
  • Remote Control
  • Can be thermostatically controlled
  • Fits roof thickness' 30-70cm
  • Can be operated from 230v mains hook up, or 2200 W Telair Generator
  • Weight 34 Kg