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Telair 12400H Airconditioning System Telair 12400H Airconditioning System - £2129.00

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Standard Installation Exisiting Roof Vent

Air-Conditioning with Heat Pump

onoblock conditioners specially designed to be installed on the roofs of medium- to large-sized motorhomes and caravans. Special care has been taken to ensure LOW NOISE both inside and, by using double noise reduction system (DNR)

High-Efficiency Heat Pump heating supplies 2.0 kW heating power with only 0.95 kW 1.48 kW consumption.
    The heat pump is effective for outside temperatures down to -2C; below this temperature, its efficiency is considerably reduced.
  • By setting a given temperature (e.g. 25C), the digital control panel will automatically select the ideal ventilation speed and either the Cooling or Heating function. 
    Another major advantage offered by the conditioners in this series, is that they can be installed in a standard-sized aperture (40x40 cm), and also in the newly introduced larger aperture (44x44 cm on request). 
    The tangential-type diffuser has activated charcoal filters.

    SILENT 12400HT

    Size guide for Telair Silent 12000h Roof Mounted Air Conditioner Unit
    Telair Air Conditioning Roof Unit with Diffuser and Remote Control

    • Suitable for Caravans or Motorhomes between 7-8.5 Metres in Length
    • 3 Fan Speeds + Automatic
    • Cooling Capacity 10950Btu (3150W)
    • Heating Capacity 11000Btu (3200W)
    • 6.6 Amps Consumption on Cooling mode, 7.0 Amps Consumption on Heating mode
    • Activated Charcoal Filters
    • Can be operated from 230v mains hook up, or 2200 W Telair Generator
    • Remote Control
    • Weight 44.5 Kg